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You must solve puzzles to navigate your way through an abandoned dungeon. Your goal is to find the key that lies deep within the dungeon and make it back outside. You  must not be seen by the monster that lurks in the dungeon or you will surely perish.

This horror game was made in Unity with all art and sounds coming from Unity's Asset Store or YouTube's audio library. All of the code was made by me, except for the character controller which was also from the Asset Store. 

This game was made for a level design class at Texas A&M University.

Install instructions

Download and extract the zip file and run FirstPersonLevelDesign.exe


Dungeon_In_The_Dark.zip 462 MB


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Finally managed to play this game the other day. I liked how the creature got triggered when we exited with the key, hah.

우와...마지막에 긴장감이 장난 아니였네요;;

It was fun little experience! Although it was short it has a great atmosphere and a quite scary but cute monster :) Thank you for the game! Here's my little playthrough (Polish language) Cheers!

Hello!! This game was very good! Im sad that it was short, maybe you can add a couple of extra rooms and items to collect before ending the game, that would be awesome.

Keep up the great work!

Check out my gameplay, and if you subscribe, AMAZING!

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I liked it mostly an adventure game with some horror mixed in and I liked the style reminds me of the N64 

hi, big thx for the game. greetngs from rosti

Fun lil game, made you a lil video:

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Very good! A lot of fun, had a good atmosphere, spooked me pretty good a couple times!  Thank you for sharing your art!

I had some opinions and critiques in my videos below! 

i got to admit this game was spooky and fun at the same time, has that "conker's bad fur day" n64 vibe to it.. any way i made a video so that the dev and maybe others would like to see